Conference & Annual Meeting 2018

2018 PIA Annual Meeting

This year's event took place from April 18 - 20, 2018. During the week, PIA members, the MIT D-Lab community, and others forge personal connections and advance peer learning  to foster collaboration across the network. In addition to launching our 2018 working groups, members spent time engaging with each other’s projects, critically analyzing obstacles, and setting the stage for future collaboration that could allow each of these projects to reach their goals.

Learn more about the ways in which the annual meeting sparked collaborations, and the 2018 working groups. Read more about the launch of the 2018 PIA publications and specific sessions from the meeting here and here!


MIT IDEAS Global Challenge

The Annual Meeting coincided with the MIT IDEAS Global Challenge Innovation Showcase. This year 3 PIA members joined IDEAS as judges and all PIA members have special access to the Innovation Showcase. Read more about the 2018 winners here.