Who should join the Practical Impact Alliance?

Who should join PIA?


PIA was conceived to maximize value for a multidisciplinary and complementary community of organizations, including:

  • Multinational corporations with a strong social mission operating in developing markets and seeking to augment the shared value created in their ecosystems
  • Leading national companies actively committed to the economic and social development of their countries and regions
  • Social enterprises operating in developing nations and delivering goods and services that improve the livelihoods of the poor
  • NGOs and foundations with active market-driven programs addressing issues of global poverty
  • Organizations aspiring to become one of the above through active learning and collaboration
  • Governmental agencies


We believe that the strength of a community stems from the values driving its individual members. We welcome engagement by multiple representatives of PIA member organizations. In particular, we seek individual leaders who have:

  • Passion for improving the world in which we live
  • Appreciation for practical and inclusive solutions
  • Commitment to sharing knowledge and experience
  • Appetite for innovative ideas
  • Openness to alternative points of view
  • Enthusiasm for collaboration

Does it sound like PIA is right for you and your organization? Learn how to become a member.

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