About Membership

Interested in being part of a team of world-leading organizations working together to increase, accelerate, and sustain market-driven social impact?

Membership in the MIT Practical Impact Alliance (PIA) affords organizations the opportunity to access a network of leaders working across industries and geographies on market-driven solutions to social impact and poverty. In addition, MIT PIA provides access to experts at MIT and partner institutions who are actively advancing thinking in fields such as participatory design, market and user research, technology evaluation, and business models for the developing world.

At the heart of the initiative are the PIA working groups, in which member organizations work together to design and implement market interventions or develop open-source, practical tools for organizations looking to deliver value in the developing world.

As the organizing entity, MIT D-Lab facilitates a collection of unique activities designed to foster collaborative action and shared learning among members – including field-based co-design summits, targeted innovation challenges, and more.

Who should join PIA?


PIA was conceived to maximize value for a multidisciplinary and complementary community of organizations, including:

  • Multinationals operating in emerging markets with a strong social mission seeking to augment the shared value created in their ecosystems
  • National corporations committed to the economic and social development of their countries and regions
  • Social enterprises operating in emerging markets, delivering goods/services that improve the livelihoods of the poor
  • NGOs and foundations with active market-driven programs addressing issues of global poverty
  • Governmental agencies


We believe that the strength of a community stems from the values driving its individual members. We welcome engagement by multiple representatives of PIA member organizations. In particular, we seek individual leaders who have:

  • Passion for improving the world in which we live
  • Appreciation for practical and inclusive solutions
  • Commitment to sharing knowledge and experience
  • Appetite for innovative ideas
  • Openness to alternative points of view
  • Enthusiasm for collaboration

Does it sound like PIA is right for you and your organization? Learn how to become a member.

Current Members

Danone, Johnson & Johnson, OCP PHOSBOUCRAA Foundation, PACT, SC Johnson, Siemens Stiftung, USAID, World Vision.

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