Summit 2016 – Zambia

PIA Co-Design Summit 2016: Oct 30–Nov 5 in Zambia









Last year's summit took place in Zambia from October 30–November 5, 2016. MIT D-Lab was excited to co-host this year's summit with PIA member World Vision and IDIN partner National Technology and Business Centre (NTBC). Learn more about the summit and organizers here, and read some of the participants' perspectives here and here!

The PIA Co-Design Summit is a one-week, immersive, hands-on design experience focused on: 1) learning the co-creative design process, 2) addressing local challenges, and 3) promoting an innovation ecosystem in Zambia. The summit involved a diverse set of participants to achieve these goals. Of the 35-40 total participants, the group was comprised of: 1) PIA members, 2) local community members from Naboye, a village in the Kafue district, and 3) Zambian innovators, entrepreneurs, and representatives of local organizations.











In May, members of the summit organizing team visited Naboye and started engaging a number of local stakeholders to prepare for October. As part of this preparation, World Vision, NTBC, and D-Lab also ran a Creative Capacity Building workshop in Naboye in August, to lay a foundation of design in the community prior to the summit. Read more about the role of this methodology to enhance people's creativity and build their confidence in creating technologies that can improve their lives and livelihoods.