PIA: On the Road in Mexico, Guatemala, and New York

October 16, 2018

PIA has been active in the past month, working to disseminate PIA tools and deliver workshops in Mexico, Guatemala, and New York through ANDE. The response to these sessions has been positive, and we currently have plans to continue presenting similar workshops.

Metrics Café Workshop

Laura Budzyna and Molly Rubenstein recently traveled to Mexico City and Guatemala City to present the Metrics Café toolkit for the ANDE Central America & Mexico chapters. The Metrics Café toolkit was developed as part of a 2016 PIA working group on impact measurement. The goal of the tool is to provide different models for funders and grantees to work together to choose metrics, and the pros/cons of each model. The options include: prix fixe, à la carte, made to order, and bring your own lunch.

ANDE invited D-Lab to come present this toolkit as a workshop for their newly founded Metrics Learning Lab. The four-hour workshop consisted of framing the problem that the toolkit was trying to solve, introducing the framework, guiding participants to the model that is right for them, and giving them space to work out the details of their own system. The two workshops delivered were a success with lots of positive feedback, and Laura and Molly are preparing to continue delivering the workshops in new locations including in Colombia, Bolivia, and India!

ANDE Annual Conference

Amanda Epting, Jona Repishti, and Saida Benhayoune also recently traveled to present sessions in New York for ANDE’s Annual Conference. The first session, entitled Realizing Network Potential: Approaches and Challenges to Social Impact Network Building, focused on how to harness the power of networks and address some of the common challenges that networks face in order to ensure success.

MIT D-Lab also presented a session on forming hybrid partnerships between corporations, SGBs, non-profits, and government, called Getting to Yes: A Tool for Activating New, Complex Partnerships. During this session, Saida and Jona, joined by representatives from Intellecap and Small Foundation, presented the PIA Partnerships Activation Tool (P-ACT) that works to facilitate dialogue for critical partnership conversations. The tool emerged from a 2017 PIA working group on Hybrid Partnerships for Social Impact.

Prior to ANDE, PIA also presented the P-ACT tool at Johnson & Johnson for a tailored workshop. If your company or organization is interested in testing the P-ACT tool, feel free to contact aepting@mit.edu.

-- Bryan Cleveland, MIT D-Lab