Working Groups

Harvesting shared learning and generating practical tools

Each year PIA members work together to determine areas of common interest or need that cut across sectors and geographies. Members join working groups of interest, allowing them to tailor their participation in PIA to the priorities of their organizations. The groups focus primarily on addressing a knowledge gap of the group and in the field, with the goal of generating outputs that will serve as relevant, practical tools for PIA members and a broader audience. Each group is facilitated by MIT D-Lab and co-led by a PIA member.


2017 Working Groups

The topics selected by PIA members for this year's working groups are:

  • Hybrid Partnerships For Social Impact
  • BoP Business Training

Check out the pages for each working group to learn more about the theme and members involved.

Previous Years' Working Groups

See the tools, best practice guides, and other publications developed from last two years of working groups, and learn more about the PIA members involved and topics covered: