2016 Working Groups & Publications

Inclusive Recycling

The group examined the relationships between different actors in inclusive recycling value chains and explored how to design programs and interventions that generate shared value for all. In addition to a global scan of existing recycling mobile applications (apps) (link to student research report), the group co-created a concept for a practical tool—an app to increase waste picker earnings—and examined ten case studies to highlight key strategies for implementing inclusive recycling systems.

Inclusive Recycling Five building blocks for implementing sustainable systems in low and middle income countries

Measuring Impact

Exploring best practices and emerging trends in impact measurement. Key questions included: how do we decide which metrics to measure, weighing the needs of both funders and implementers? How do we develop a system to track those metrics? How do we do all this in a way that is relevant, useful, and as painless as possible?

The Metrics Café Who decides what impact data gets measured? A guide to bring funders and grantees to the table

Participatory Design & Innovation

This group built on the work of the 2015 PIA working group on Fostering Local Innovation and Co-Creation. In 2015, the group defined co-creation as well as precursors necessary for effective co-creation in BoP markets, such as a design team with the right makeup, enabling mindsets, and an enabling environment. This working group culminated in the creation of a D-Lab Online Course: Participatory Design for Development.

Hands-on, real-world projects, practical tools & techniques

Pilots to Scale

Focused on inclusive businesses’ readiness to move from the pilot stage to a large scale, the group identified the need for a simple practitioner tool to assess scale readiness. Based on the lessons gathered from ten case studies examined throughout the year, the group developed a practical checklist to assess scale readiness in four key areas: social impact, financial viability, internal capacity, and external enablers.

 Ready, Steady, Scale! Is your social venture ready for scale?