Pilots to Scale (2016)

Group Focus

This group is focusing on understanding when pilots are ready for scale. Some key questions include: how can you determine if your pilot is ready to scale? What elements of the model are scalable, and what needs to be adapted at larger scale?

Group Members

Representatives from these organizations: Ajinomoto, Danone, Greenlight Planet, Johnson & Johnson, Living Goods, Medtronic, Mercy Corps, Philips Healthcare, Phosboucraa Foundation, S.C. Johnson, Siemens Stiftung, Smart Hydro Power (part of Siemens Stiftung Empowering People Network), USAID U.S. Global Development Lab, World Vision International


Ready, Steady, Scale!
Is your social venture ready for scale?

Case Presentations

  • Ajinomoto and World Vision International (jointly)
  • Nutrigo, a Danone Communities project
  • Living Goods
  • Evidence Action
  • iDE
  • Fenix International
  • JAIN Irrigation
  • One Acre Fund
  • Vision Spring
  • Greenlight Planet