2018 Working Groups & Publications

Local Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystems

Local innovators are best situated to design and implement solutions that benefit their local communities, but they are operating in environments in which the risk-taking associated with experimentation and starting a new venture can have dire consequences. Yet Innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems drove economic prosperity in places like Cambridge and Silicon Valley; but how can they flourish in developing economies? And how can we foster ecosystems that are both effective and inclusive? This working group will unpack the existing evidence around this topic and engage local ecosystem builders in identifying best practices for building thriving, inclusive and resilient local innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems.

Understanding Innovation Ecosystems: A Framework for Joint Analysis and Action

Scaling Demand at the Base of the Pyramid

Establishing Demand for social impact goods or services is often a complex and resource intensive process as it frequently requires changing or establishing new behaviors. Scaling demand in BoP markets is ever more difficult and cost prohibitive partly due to market heterogeneity and the lack of formal marketing and communication channels. This working group will explore the most innovative ways that organizations have tried to scale-up demand for new products and services in BOP communities - with the goal of achieving optimal balance between cost effectiveness and adoption.

The Demand Engine: Growth Hacking Strategies for Scaling Demand at the BoP