PIA and Scale Ups 2019 Joint Learning Lab

Co-Designing Inclusive Partnership Models

Hybrid partnerships –i.e. collaborations between social enterprises, corporations, NGOs, or governments – are essential to scaling social business in Base of the Pyramid (BoP) markets. However, co-designing this type of partnerships can be challenging, as it requires a fine integration of the goals, resources, cultures and incentives of organizations that are inherently very different. Enticed by the promise of scale, social ventures can often hurry into hybrid partnerships without a sound and transparent business model that ensures an equitable ROI for all partners. This inevitably results in strained relationships that jeopardize the partnership sustainability and the potential for impact. How do we co-design partnership models where all partners - despite their diversity - have a shared understanding and buy-in for the value created, exchanged and captured within the partnership? This learning lab will build upon the learnings of P-ACT to create a framework that gives practitioners a disciplined approach to co-creating business models for hybrid partnerships. With a regional focus on East Africa, this lab will examine and distill lessons learned from a series of case studies where social businesses have partnered with corporations, NGOs or government to establish new or enhanced value chains for social products or services in BoP markets.