Technology Transfer in Action (2017)

Group Focus

An annual PIA flagship event, the Co-Design Summit is an immersive participatory design experience co-hosted by MIT and PIA members. In 2017, the summit took place in the vicinity of Fonseca, Colombia, in partnership with World Vision Colombia. Triggered by Siemens Stiftung’s interest in exploring the role of co-design in technology transfer for development, MIT D-Lab proposed leveraging the 2017 Co-Design Summit to introduce a technology from the Siemens empowering people. Network to the summit’s host community of Conejo. An experimental PIA working group formed in the months leading up to the summit to examine case studies on technology needs assessment, evaluation, and transfer. The group identified a need in Conejo around clean water access, and the SkyHydrant as a potential solution. Insights from the case presentations and discussions informed the problem framing for the summit’s water team.

Group Members

Co-led by MIT D-Lab and Siemens Stiftung, this working group included representatives from World Vision, Pact, Johnson & Johnson, the Melton Foundation, and C-Innova.

Case Presentations

Case presentations were provided by Siemens Stiftung on its SkyHydrant Safe Water Enterprise in Kenya; by MIT D-Lab’s Off-Grid Energy research group on its Energy Assessment Toolkit; by aQysta on its Barsha irrigation pump; by MIT’s Comprehensive Initiative on Technology Evaluation (CITE) on its water filter evaluation in India; by Aprotec on clean energy technology transfer in Colombia; by Antenna Foundation on water chlorination programs in West Africa & Nepal; and by PV Pure, on reverse osmosis community water filters in Mexico.

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