Hybrid Partnerships for Social Impact (2017)

Group Focus

Despite a strong and growing consensus on the importance of partnerships involving corporations, social ventures, NGOs, and government agencies to achieve and scale up social innovation, practitioners from within these organizations struggle to effectively initiate, manage, and grow such collaborations successfully. This working group will examine the growing body of knowledge generated around this topic, and will analyze cases of successful and failed partnerships involving these four types of organizations. The group will distill best practices and lessons learned into a practical output designed to help inclusive business practitioners engage effectively in multi-stakeholder partnerships.

Group Members

Representatives from these organizations: Ajinomoto, Care, Danone, Johnson & Johnson, Melton Foundation, Pact, Phosboucraa Foundation, S.C. Johnson, Siemens Stiftung (and EpN members aQysta, BEMPU, Solarkiosk), USAID, World Vision.

Case Presentations

More information will be available about upcoming case presentations in late spring.