Inclusive Recycling (2016)

Group Focus

This group is examining the relationships between different actors in inclusive recycling value chains, and exploring how to design programs and interventions that generate shared value. Key questions include: how to design inclusive recycling initiatives that balance social, environmental, and economic impacts? What is the extended producer responsibility? What opportunities exist in using materials that can be reused, recycled, or repurposed?

Group Members

Representatives from these organizations: Danone, Johnson & Johnson, Melton Foundation, Philips Healthcare, TakaTaka Solutions (part of Siemens Stiftung's Empowering People Network), Wecyclers, World Vision International.


Inclusive Recycling
Five building blocks for implementing sustainable systems in low and middle income countries

Case Presentations

  • Danone
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • SWaCH
  • Wecyclers
  • D-Lab
  • TakaTaka Solutions
  • Triciclos
  • Universidad de la Frontera (part of Melton Foundation network)
  • Global Green Logistics